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Hybrid World Adelaide’s digital playground

By Marc Llewellyn

An historic former car factory is set to be transformed into a hub of mind-expanding interactive technology in October, thanks to a brand new event called Hybrid World Adelaide.

It’s going to be a ‘playground of activities’ says Creative Director, Janet Gaëta, with everything from drones and robots to group gaming classes and digital music. Janet is the creator and face of the popular ABC gaming program Good Game.

The event, which is the first of its kind in Australia, will explore how the real world and digital worlds intertwine. It features an international digital technology conference, a two-day ‘incubator lab’ for technology start-ups and new projects, and a diverse public program featuring the latest cutting-edge technology.

Fellow Creative Director, Robert Tercek, a Los Angeles-based digital pioneer, is also co-ordinating the event, which is overseen by the Adelaide Film Festival. The State Government, via Events South Australia, is the founding and major partner of the festival.

Hybrid World Adelaide will be held over five days from October 4, at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct, a repurposed former Mitsubishi car plant in the city’s south.

Public events at Hybrid World Adelaide

Public events will include coding workshops, YouTube master classes, group gaming, drone racing, video innovation, music making using advanced technology, and even cooking.

Also planned is a sideshow alley with interactive exhibits about what is new and hot in the world of tech.

“I’m very keen to produce something for everyone, from the three-year-old to the older Australian who may be a technophobe,” Janet says. “It’s going to be very hands on. It’s not going to be about picking up a brochure and walking away. Come and have a play. Explore your creativity, and see the technologies of today and tomorrow.

“My background is video gaming so there is going to be lots and lots of gaming both at a high professional level and for others who just want to get involved. Gaming is actually very social and we want people to come together.”

The event is going to be “huge fun and very interactive”, she says. “There’s going to be lots of music, and I’m working on some surprises too.”

An Industry Conference, and The Lab

As well as the public events, an international Industry Conference will bring together some of the best digital minds from around the world. Discussion will centre around some of the big questions in digital technology, Janet says. “We’ll have a close look at personal tech, for example. How can you enhance yourself with new technology? How can you become superhuman? What will it give us and what will it take away?”

As well as keynote speeches and workshops, it will also feature demonstrations and presentations by world-leading companies in the digital field.

Another component of Hybrid World Adelaide is The Lab; a hands-on project space featuring workshops and mentoring by guest speakers from the Conference. These partnerships between up-and-coming digital innovators and established experts will further the impact of the event and help Hybrid World Adelaide set the agenda on the future of digital technology.

The Adelaide Film Festival

There is plenty more on in Adelaide during October, including the Adelaide Film Festival, an eleven-day celebration of Australian and international movies and culture. Plenty of lovers of the silver screen think it’s the best film festival in Australia.

“Hybrid World Adelaide runs for some of the same time as the Adelaide Film Festival and they both tie in together,” Janet says. “There are clear links between the two events. They are great hand holders, especially in the gaming space.”

Gaming creativity informs many movies, and vice versa, she says.

“It’s going to be a great time to visit Adelaide because there’s going to be so much on.”


Hybrid World Adelaide 4-8 October, 2017
Adelaide Film Festival 5-15 October, 2017
South Australia


Virgin Australia flies to Adelaide from all major Australian cities. Most major hire car companies are located at Adelaide Airport.


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