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Miss Behave at Cabaret 2016

Cabaret Festival spectators jack in mobile input

By Marc Llewellyn

If you brought your phone to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival this June, these handy devices were an integral part of this audience-centric gameshow.

The glamorous Miss Behave split the audience up into two groups as they enter the theatre, those with iPhones and those with anything else. These two ‘teams’ sat on opposite sides of the auditorium.

From then on it’s anything goes with the glittering British Miss B being helped by her bearded male assistant in his very tight shorts as they get the games rolling.

One of them is the daft Dial My Number, with the winner being the first to get through on Miss Behave’s mobile. Others revolved around shouting the loudest, or figuring out what musical track she is playing.

Seems tame? Well it’s not. Sometimes it’s mayhem, sometimes it’s just plain whacky, mostly its hilarious. Audience participation included drinking competitions and occasional nudity. Mass singing, waving and oddball performances also add to the anarchic mix.

“It’s silly, fun and light and people become very competitive and very crazy very quickly,” says Miss Behave. “It seems to tap a competitive nerve and people really want to win.”

So where did the idea for the gameshow come from?

“It started off in a small sideshow tent at the Adelaide Fringe Festival,” she explains. “I thought it was nuts that no one integrates mobile phones into performances, especially in cabaret and comedy clubs when the performer gets annoyed if someone in the audience is on their phone.

“I wanted to do something where the audience could do whatever they wanted to do. They can either play on their phones, watch, shout or become exhibitionists. They can loose their societal skin or not get involved at all, it’s up to them.”

The show has toured the UK, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the US. She is currently developing a TV show based on the concept.

Miss Behave’s Gameshow was on at the Space Theatre, part of the Adelaide Festival Centre, between Thursday June 16 and Saturday June 18 2016.

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival ran from June 10 to June 25 2016.


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